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    Mixed tocopherols(25%-50%) EU

    Mixed tocopherols(25%-50%) EU is a brownish red, viscous oil having a slight characteristic vegetable oil aroma and a mild taste. Mixed tocopherols(25%-50%)  EU may oxidize upon exposure to air and light, resulting in gradual darkening. Nitrogen blanketing and protection from light, from heat, from contact with transition metals and from alkalis are recommended. Mixed tocopherols(25%-50%) EU is a concentrated form of natural mixed tocopherols derived from edible vegetable oils.
    Mixed tocopherols(25%-50%) EU is mainly used as a raw material for processing high levels of VE. Mixed tocopherols(25%-50%) EU is derived from IP-certified, not genetically modified raw materials.
    Product Standard
    Package: Aluminum Drum(5kg, 20kg), stainless steel drum(190kg),iso-tank 950kg
    Storage:Product should be preserved in tightly closed containers protected from light, heat, and air. Do not expose to alkalis or strong oxidizing agents.
    Shelf life: 18 Months